Chris was invited to join Billy Moore on his podcast ‘All or Nothing’ on Friday 28th July. The ‘All or Nothing’ podcast is by the author of the best-selling book ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’ – now a critically acclaimed movie of the same name. The podcast brings the audience diversity, authenticity and real stories from real people.

The podcast with Chris discussed the life-changing support he provides to world leading sports stars and businesspeople. He said that aesthetically people can look fine, but underneath the surface it’s a different story. Chris covered how his mindset performance coaching helps people to be a better version of themselves. Here’s a short extract from the podcast.

“When you get to a stage when you’re completely comfortable with yourself – that’s a superpower. When you can display your emotions, you’re winning. Anything can be remedied. Everything can be fixed. You’re stronger than you’ll ever think. But if we mask it, we’re never actually facing it, so we don’t know if we can get over things or not. But often we’re scared to let things be out there.

When they are actually out there, and we share our feelings, it’s never as bad as what we originally thought it would be. Imposter syndrome is a big part of it. It’s people in jobs or places they don’t think they deserve, it happens to everyone – footballers, boxers, kids in schools.”

World’s best mind coach – living in poverty to living his dream on Necker Island: ‘All or Nothing’ podcast with Chris Larsen on Friday 28th July.